Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So it turns out you have to finish games to be a designer...

.. so lets start becoming a designer!

After months of tinkering, I've finished a thing!  Article of Loathing is an idea I had for the GDC Pirate Kart 2012.  What if I made a quick, simple 2D game playing with internet rage as a game aspect?  Easy, right? Grab an old sprite here, sprinkle some gameplay here, play fast and loose with collision... simple!

Who'd have thunk a simple game idea would take a few months and completely miss the Pirate Kart?

I haven't spent all the months working on just this.  There are a handful of games I've been chipping away at, but this was the one that ended up being close to finished first.  Article isn't a dream project, but having something completed feels incredibly satisfying, regardless of how un-excellent it is (or isn't).

I've learned a lot putting this game together, and I'm mulling around ideas for a "post-mortem" for Destructoid's C-Blogs.  I basically come from DToid and there's no better place to wax reflective on games.  I hope to have that up soon, but being a father has a way (a wonderfully adorable way) of reducing free time.

And inspite of that, I've got a huge (rough) plans for some excellent output in 2013.  Stay tuned, be patient, and lets see what Tubatic Games becomes by this time next year, eh?

For now, play Article, let me know what you think (I'm a big boy guys, hit me.), and keep me bookmarked and followed on Twitter!

Rock on, and thank you!